Harp Guitar Gathering, new harp guitar and other news!

Another Harp Guitar Gathering in the books! Thanks to everyone who came out to support and either went to the Sat concert (where I debuted 2 new songs) or attended the recording workshop I did with Kim Person or percussive guitar workshop I held - had a great time meeting, teaching and just plain geeking out about harp guitar! Special shout out to Stephen Bennett for the invite and being such an inspiration as a musician and a person.

Also, this years gathering was extra special as I took delivery of a new custom built harp guitar by Pellerin Guitars! Check out the link and website to view some of the pics and specs - we packed all the features I ever wanted into a modern harp guitar and it far exceeded my expectations. Michel from Pellerin is just a master at his craft! My plan was to start ramping up writing for album #2 once I got this instrument as I knew it would provide the inspiration I was looking for to take my music on an even deeper and more melodic level.

Lastly to report my studio, Tree of Life Studio, has been gearing up full force this year with tons of recording, mixing and mastering projects coming through - as the artist who came to record with me last night it feels more than just a studio, but a place where people come together in this wonderful community of fingerstyle guitar to take their music to the next level and I've been honored to work on so many wonderful albums and singles already with many more to come!

Keep posted to my social media pages for some tidbits of new music as the year end approaches and I hope to with any luck have something ready to release by end of next year!

Thanks as always for your support!

Talk soon

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